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These are some of my favorite artists.  They are instructors, friends, and artists which I have met over the years who have impressed me with the quality of their work, their attitudes, and their outlook on life.


Shirley Quarles Baird - Shirley was my instructor on Monday afternoon and does wonderful abstract paintings when she is not teaching her class.  Check out more of her work and biography by clicking the photo. She can be contacted at  (click to e-mail)


Doris Bell
- Doris was one of the first artists I met when after moving to Montgomery, AL.  I have always admired her and her
work.  She was the owner of the Jasmine Hill Art Gallery for many years until a few years ago.  Check out her website

Sherman Boothe - Sherman is retired from teaching and paints in acrylics after painting in oils and making pottery for many years.  He finds acrylics challenging and interesting, and I think he has an individual approach to painting that you can't find in a class.  Over the years, he has had paintings and pottery accepted in many juried shows, and has accumulated ribbons and awards for his work.
Harriett Bradrick - I've known Harriett for many years and have always admired her work.  She works mostly in pastel and charcoal.  She, also, has been artist in residence at some of the Montgomery schools for several years.    Click photo for more of her work.  She can be contacted at  (click to e-mail)
Ann Calagaz - Ann has been involved in the art making process for many years and currently is painting in watercolor and doing collage.  Her work ranges from realistic to abstract; however, some of her most popular works are historical paintings of local interest.  She has been accepted in many juried shows and has won numerous awards.  She teaches art and lives in Daphne.  Her work can be seen at the Cathedral Square Gallery in Mobile.
Karen Castile - Karen has a fascinating approach to clay and you can see it in her pieces of work.  She experiments with glazes and comes up with some interesting combinations.  She makes functional pieces as well decorative items and all are a beauty to behold.  Her work has been accepted into many juried shows, and she has won several awards.  She is a member of Alabama Designer Craftsmen.  Karen can be contacted at  (click to e-mail)
Linda Condray - Linda is a stained glass artist and creates hanging glass art as well mosaic garden pieces such as stepping stones, bird baths and garden tiles.  She creates her own designs and has very unique items.  Click on the photo and check out more of her work.
Mae Belle Gay - Mae Belle taught art on the college level and is retired.  She and I spend many hours talking about art, and other things.  Click on the photo to see more of her work.  She can be contacted at (click to e-mail)
Deborah Garst - I met Deb several years ago through the Elmore County Art Guild, and my interest in experimental art was piqued.  I took a workshop from her on dying papers and making collages and found it fascinating.  She is a member of our WAOAPOA Art Group, and can be contacted at  (click to e-mail)

Donna Jones - Donna is a very unique artist.  She uses a variety of mediums in order to accomplish what she wants to do with her art.  She can be contacted at (click to e-mail)
Nanette Jones is an award-winning experimental artist and is a delight to know.  She recently moved from the Birmingham area to Florida which will be a wonderful change and she certainly will have an ever-changing variety of scenery to inspire her work.  Click photo for more information. 

Judie Hooks -  Judie teaches art in the Montgomery Public School system and she teaches private art classes.  She works in a variety of mediums, including pen & ink, colored pencil, and oil.  She does local Montgomery scenes and has prints of these scenes as well as other items.  I have always admired her versatility.  She can be contacted at (click to e-mail)

Donnave Lindsey - Donnave teaches the Monday evening art class which I take.  She is Director of SAC's Gallery and is the first person who encouraged me to paint in watercolor.  She paints portraits of people and animals, and does landscapes and still life paintings.  Click on photo for more of her work and biography.  She can be contacted at  (click to e-mail)
Ruth Soller - Ruth specializes in portraits of people and architectural renderings of houses.  She loves the spontaneity, transparency and brilliant, vibrant hues of watercolors but, also, enjoys the enduring elegance and rich tradition of oil portraiture.  Click on the photo for her biography and more of her work.  She can be contacted at (click to e-mail)   Check out her website at
Joseph Stone - Joe does local scenes in watercolor and has lithographs of his work.  He also does house portraits and other scenes, such as the beach.  He can be contacted at  (click to e-mail) and you can visit his web site at
Margaret Sturgis - I have known Margaret for many years and her style of painting has always intrigued me.  After she retired, she began taking classes and paints in the Monday afternoon painting class which I attend.  Click photo for more photos and biography.
Paula Thompson - Paula painted' in the Monday evening class which I attended.  She does portraits with oil and with graphite.  She has wonderful subjects as she has young children.  Her work is sold through SAC's Gallery and she can be contacted at (click to e-mail)
Honor Treadaway -  Honor is a painter of cats and, as she says, she has been owned by many cats.  Currently, she has one beautiful white cat, and it does own her.  Before I moved to NH, we painted together once a week and traded many ideas and stories.  She is a member of our WAOAPOA Art Group.  Click photo to see more of her work.  She can be contacted at  (click to e-mail)
Bill Waits - Mr. Bill belongs to the Elmore County Art Guild along with several of these artists (me too).  Drawing is second nature to him and his interest is drawing and painting trains, planes, ships and all types of transportation.  He took First Place in his category in the Elmore County Art Guild Winter Show with a drawing of Union Station in Montgomery, AL.  He may be contacted at (334) 279-8655.  Click on photo to see more of his work.

Donna A. Wood -  I met Donna several years ago after moving to New Hampshire from Alabama.  We have been painting together each week from May to October since that time.  Donna splits her time between Summer in New Hampshire and Winter in New Mexico.  She paints in watercolor and paints a variety of subject matter including Southwestern and New England scenes.  Check out more of her work and biography by clicking the photo.  She can be contacted at (click to email)


Paul Woodson - A different type of artist, Paul is an actor and singer who lives in New York.  He has been in many different musical and dramatic productions in the U.S. and abroad.  Click photo for a link to his web site.
Natalie Young - Natalie is an artist of a different type.  She makes wonderful dragons out of special materials and has quite an imagination.  You can contact her at  (click to e-mail)
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