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Linda and Elaina at Jubilee CityFest in Montgomery, Alabama
Linda Condray is a stained glass artist who does hanging pieces as well as garden items (such as stepping stones, bird baths, and border tiles.  She was in SAC's Gallery in Montgomery, AL, for several years.  She was President of the Artisans Co-op group on Ramstein AFB while her husband was assigned there.  Although she has worked in various aspects of art and craft over the years, she feels that she found her medium when she was introduced to stained glass.  She likes to think of herself as painting with glass as glass has many unique attributes.  She likes the fact that glass is affected by light from all directions and when designing for glass and choosing colors, she must consider not only how it looks with light coming through the glass but how it looks without the sunlight.  For her, a piece must be just as interesting at night as it is in the daylight.

Since discovering the art of mosaic inlay, she has had fun exploring where the mosaic can be used.  She is only limited by a suitable base to hold the grout and glass.  The mosaic work is created by using traditional cut stained glass that is then embedded in a cement grout mixture that she developed.  Her work is displayed in gardens in Florida and Alabama, as well as other areas.
She may be contacted at (click to E-mail)

She created these two stepping stones for me.


Part of her display at Jubilee CityFest in Montgomery, AL

Linda and her display, and the ribbon she won in the Jubilee CityFest competition

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