Our Monday Afternoon Painting Class

Our Monday Afternoon Painting Class is led by Shirley Baird who paints abstracts and does collages.  I felt if I painted with her class that I would learn a great deal about a lot of things.  She was one person who painted quite differently than most other people in this area.  Being in her class has been a challenge and quite a learning experience.

This class is held in Pike Road, AL, and when  I moved to New  Hampshire in the Fall of 2002, I took many fond memories with me.

There are about a dozen artists in her class and everyone paints in their own style.  She always has a wonderful set-up of flowers or objects, and we are scattered around the room so every artist sees the set-up from a different angle.  I have painted the set-up from time to time, but mostly I work with dyed papers, doing my own thing, with Shirley's guidance and input, as do other artists in the class.  These are photos from her class.


Nell, Ann & Mary





Nina & Sara


For more photos, click here

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