The Monday Evening Paint Class in Montgomery, AL, is led by Donnave Lindsey, who is Managing Director of SAC's Gallery.  This class was started in 1987 as a three-month summer class.  There is a varying number of students.  The class meets from 7 p.m to 9:30 p.m. each Monday evening.  When I started painting in this class, I had never painted in watercolor and wasn't particularly interested in learning how, as I had been told earlier that watercolor was hard and that I would not like it. But Donnave asked me if I would like to take the class, and I thought to myself that surely I could stand anything for three months.  Well, that was 1987 and the class is still going, and I was in the class until I moved to New Hampshire in the Fall of 2002.  I discovered that I love working in watercolor!  So, don't be swayed by the opinion of other people when it comes to trying out new things.
Donnave Lindsey at one of her receptions at SAC's Gallery.

Some of the students on Monday evening.

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