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Reviews by Allan Swafford

Don Sellers as Peter & Christine Lee as Rita
June 5, 1999
"Prelude to a Kiss," the Craig Lucas play that just opened in an a theatre production at Theatre AUM, is gender confusion engendering genre confusion.  The production recommends itself in terms of smooth direction and some talented new faces in the cast. ....... Returning to the stage that nurtured her, Christine Lee is Rita, the young bride whose soul is stolen.  She is particularly adept at handling the unusual personality shifts required by this character.  .....

Todd Humphries, Lee Bridges, Angela Dickson & Christine Lee


Todd Humphries, Angela Dickson, Lee Bridges & Christine Lee
Nov. 13, 1999
Now playing at Theatre AUM, David Ives' extraordinarily individual, impressively inventive "All in the Timing" is as rewarding an 80 minutes as a theatergoer can give himself.  These six brilliant, satiric skits search for and find a play rather than begin as one..........."All in the Timing" is a work aimed at the theater sophisticate, at the knowledgeable theatergoer rather than the novice in search of an introduction.  Equally, it required a heightened skill in direction and performance.  This production finds an ideal director and cast in Randy Foster and four fine local actors, Lee Bridges, Todd Humphrey, Angela Dickson and Christine Lee.  Each assumes several roles with admirable expertise........

Christine was in many of the Theatre AUM productions while in college and afterwards, and these are listed below, along with her roles.

Henry IV - Harold (Franco)
Marvin's Room - Dr. Charlotte and Retirement Home Director
A Scrap of Paper - Colomba
Mrs. Warren's Profession - Mrs. Alison (also, was a female understudy)
The Kiddie Pool - Betty Sue
Where's Charley? - Patricia, and one of the young ladies
Movie Night - Nominated for Kennedy Center Award for Design for costume Design.
Inspecting Carol - Betty Andrews
Amadeus - Teresa Salier
A Streetcar Named Desire - Nurse
The Senior Production:  Bread - Woman
                                        Cover - Diane
The House of Bernada Alba - Martirio
Ashayna Maidel - Mama (in benefit performance)

Productions in which she participated after graduation from AUM:

Lend Me a Tenor - Julia
Prelude to a Kiss  - Rita
All in the Timing:
    The Universal Language - Dawn
    Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread - Woman #2
    The Philadelphia - Waitress

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