W.S. Neal High School
East Brewton, AL
Class of 1958
50th Reunion
(More Photos)

            These are photos taken Thursday and Friday at the Class of 1958 dinners
and before the Alumni meeting Friday morning.

Thursday Night


Mixed Group

Doris, Nell, Barney, Janice, Jerry, Buddy, Earl, Dale, Louise

Fay and James

Howard explaining something to Eugene and Elton.  Bruce and Fay in background.

Friday morning before Alumni Meeting

Back Row:  Eugene and Roy
Front Row:  Janice, Fay, Faye, Dale, Peggy, Nell G., Nell B, Jean
Kneeling:  Betty

Friday Night

Nell & Betty

(Spouse), Roy, Willis (spouse), Doris, Edna & Howard

Betty, Mae & John (spouse)

Betty Sue (Cleve's wife), Tommy & Cleve

(Spouse), Carolyn, Louise, Johnny (spouse), (spouse), Julius

Wayne, Charlotte (spouse), Howard, Edna, Janice, Jerry, Sue, (spouse)

Willie (spouse), Nell, Sue, Gerald, Faye

D.G. (spouse), Betty, Dorothy, Nell G., Agnes, Willie (spouse), Nell B.

Mary Alice, Peggy, Carolyn, Dale

(Spouse), Earl, Howard, Betty, Mae and John (spouse)

Edna, Doris & Roselle

Gerald, Faye, (spouse), Carolyn, Johnny (spouse)

Gerald & Faye, Leonard & Annette, Janice & Jerry, Edna & Howard
(These four couples met while in high school)

Willie (spouse), Howard, Roy, Sue, Edna

Janice & Jerry

Standing:  Jerry, Willis (spouse), and Elaine
Sitting:  Jean & Hallie (spouse)

Dominic (spouse), Jean, Roy, (spouse), Jean, (spouse)

Marie, Fay, Bob (spouse)

Marie, Robert (spouse), Fay

Mary Kate (Tommy's wife), Nell (James M.'s wife), Tommy

Nell, Marie, Sue, Edna

Roselle, Doris, Sue (James S.' wife)

Marie & Roy
(In background on left:  Roselle & Sue)

Barney's wife and James J.s' wife

Marie, Fay, Robert (Marie's husband)

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