Reception Photos
Alabama State University
Central Alabama Community College

Reception at Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL
Front Row:  Julie Claussen, Deborah Gibson, Deborah Kreiger, and Fay Lee
Back Row:  Earline Moore, Lynda Billingsley, and Honor Treadaway


ASU Reception:  Left to right:  Fay Lee, Lynda Billingsley, Julie Claussen, Deborah Gibson, Deborah Kreiger, Honor Treadaway, Earline Moore, and Dr. Colvin, Head of the ASU Art Department.


Another ASU photo, from left to right:  Julie (behind plant), Fay, Deb K., and Deb G.


These are photos of a reception for our WAOAPOA Group at a show at the Central Alabama Community College in Alexander City, Alabama, in 1999.  There was a question and answer session involving the group and the people attending the reception.

Fay makes comments about her life as an artist as Honor, Julie, Deborah and Pat listen.

The WAOAPOA Group:  Julie, Fay, Honor, Pat & Deborah

A guest asks a question as Julie, Deborah, Pat and the student interviewer listen.

Julie & Pat listen as Deborah talks about her life as an artist.

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