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Mary Rasberry and two of her paintings

Mary Rasberry is a well-known artist from Montgomery, AL.  She loves to experiment with her art and works in watercolor, collage, pastel and oil.

(The artist's Statement)  My earliest attempts at serious painting began in 1981 and consisted of acrylic on wood and enamel on glass.  I worked with two Austrian instructors, Rene` and Monique, to learn the rudiments of Baurenmalarei (folk painting) while my husband and I were living in Europe where the military had stationed him.  While there, I began to take photographs extensively to be used as painting references in the future.  After returning to the states in 1984, I continued my photographic collection which, at present, numbers in the thousands.

Between 1984 and 1986, I lived in Hawaii where I had the opportunity to study the paintings of oriental artists, and to photograph the abundance of exotic flowers which grew there.  After moving to Texas, I began studying painting with a local artist who taught me in all media.  I quickly moved from oils to pastels and then to watercolor.  It is difficult to pick a favorite and I work in all three, as well as in experimental painting and collage.  Through these years, it has been my good fortune to study with many artists, all of whom have contributed to the style I now possess.

Since moving back to my native Alabama, I have become associated with the Elmore County Art Guild, the Montgomery Art Guild, the Society of Arts & Crafts, and the Experimental Artists of Alabama in Birmingham, AL.  Good fortune has allowed me to be the recipient of numerous awards and ribbons for which I am most grateful.  My paintings hang in private homes across this nation and in Europe. Today, I continue to study painting with a local, internationally recognized artist whose expertise in abstract art has piqued my interest in that endeavor.  As a retiree, I hope to spend more and more time on my painting.  It is one of the great loves of my life!  

"Koi at Play"


"Taos Pueblo Bread Baker"

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