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The images shown on this site are for display only. The images are one-of-kind displays of  the original works of art. No prints exist of the artworks. These images are not be construed as prints or any other type of media that would compromise the rights of the artists.  All rights to these images, including but not limited to, ownership, copyright, trademarks, tradenames, and trade dress, are retained by the following artists: Fay Lee, Lynda Billingsley, Julie Claussen, Earline Moore, Deborah Gibson, Mary Rasberry,and Honor Treadaway.

These images are for illustration only and are used here for the purpose of promoting those artists these images represent.  These artists are members of the WAOAPOA art group, who is the owner of this website.  These images may not be downloaded, printed, or reproduced, in whole or in part, without sole written permisson from the artists of the WAOAPOA art group.  Actions, including but not limited to, lamination, mounting, trimming, matting, or framing, will constitute exclusive rights violations of the artists and the WAOAPOA art group. If any of these images appear on other websites, or if you have any information on products that are using graphics substantially similar to the images featured on this site, please notify us at (click to e-mail). Please help us in protecting our artists creativity. All rights reserved.

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