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Guests - There are no guest fees. A member is defined as a dues paying member and his dependents living in the same household.  Membership will be offered to such dependents who graduate from this status.  Members bringing guests are responsible for the activities of guest hunters.  This should not be abused.  No guests allowed not accompanied by the member inviting the guest and such guests may hunt no more than a few days per year as guest of one member. Dependent guests age 18 and younger shall not be at the club without an adult member present.

Gates - All gates and/or cables will be locked at all times.  The clubhouse gate may be left unlocked during times when members are still at the lodge.  Members and guests will begin using the cable gate located opposite the clubhouse gate to access the Ferry road.  The iron gate at the main entrance to the Ferry Road may be used and cars or trucks are not to be parked in front of or near this gate.  Although the Ferry road is not a county road because of traffic our club will treat this road as a county road.  No hunting is allowed within 50 yards of the Ferry Road.  Our landowner, Alabama Power, requires access to club property.  As such, gates and cables have one or more locks. When locking gates and cables members are reminded to lock gates in such a manner that other locks can be used to access the property.

 Poachers/ Trespassers - Any poaching or trespassing is to be reported to  the appropriate authorities. ( Elmore County Sheriff and /or Conservation Department Game Warden)  for illegal hunting and/or trespassing.  Our game warden is Byron Smith, 567-0496 and/or game watch, 1-800-272-4263.

 Food Plots - The only vehicular travel including ATVs allowed on or near ( 50 feet ) food plots and fields covered by permanent stands are for planting/fertilizing and retrieving game.

 Deer to be harvested - The stated objective of our club and our participation  in the Deer Management Program ( DMP ) is the hunting of Trophy Deer and the harvesting of does. Our Club rules continues to be Bucks of 7 or more points and large antlered bucks, i.e. antlers that extend outside the ears. We have been issued 40 doe tags. Members are to be familiar with the Alabama hunting and fishing digest and understand how to distinguish small bucks from does.

  DMP Program - All members should familiarize themselves with the DMP program, how to log deer killed, weighing deer and extracting and marking jawbones.  This is the responsibility of the members.  We have a scale in the cabinet opposite the tag board. The scale should be stored there.  We have 40 doe tags this season and these should be filled.

 Game Laws - All State and Federal  hunting and fishing laws are to be adhered to.  Violations could result in dismissal from the club.

 Gun Safety -  All hunting weapons are to be unloaded while around the clubhouse and carried breech open pointed in a safe direction. All weapons in the lodge should be stored in the gun rack. Young hunters, where appropriate, should be graduated from a hunter safety course or are required to hunt with their parent/member.  Members bringing guests and  young guests please insure they are instructed in proper safety.

 Range -  There is a shooting range located on the power line adjacent to the lodge with targets set at 25, 50, 100, 150 & 200 yards. This is for member and guests sight in and check accuracy of hunting weapons.  Members and guests are free to use this; however, are to insure the tag board in the range area is clear and safe and to refrain from firing non hunting weapons during any hunting season.

 Tag Board - Members/Guests must tag out for a specific area/areas.  Guests not familiar with club property are to be in the same general area as the member.  While a member may tag out a hunt area late in the day before, guests may only tag out after 4 AM on the same day of the hunt.  This allows for members to have “ first access” especially during a crowded time such as opening day.  Courtesy is to be a guiding principle.

 Stands - All  permanent stands placed in the woods should be marked on the tag board and be available to all members.  Portable stands are the property of the owner and permission to use these stands is to be obtained. Empty wrappers, cans, bottles, Piss container etc. are not be left in & around shooting houses, stands etc.

 Game - Game harvested belongs to the hunter taking the game.  This responsibility includes tagging , logging in data, dressing out, weighing, disposal of viscera/carcass and  removing, logging and marking the jawbone.

 Lodging - Sleeping arrangements at the lodge are on a first come - first serve basis with respect to members.  If there are more guests and members than space available members will be given preference.  This is a home away from home and members/guests are responsible for cleaning up so that incoming members will have an orderly lodge.

 Females - Spouses and daughters of members are the only females permitted to lodge overnight.

 Safety - At the conclusion of a day’s hunt the tag board must be cleared and members  signed out.  No members or guests should leave the club grounds for the day with a hunter still out on a stand.  Safety concerns mandate all hunters be signed out and accounted for prior to all hunters clearing the club for home.

 Illegal Deer Fines - The fine imposed for harvesting a illegal deer (less than 7 pts) is $50 the first violation, $50 the second violation and the third violation $100 and loss of hunting privilege for the remainder of the season. All fines are payable to the club treasurer within 7 days.  Rule violation by a guest is the member’s responsibility.  Guest violations are accruable to the member. The purpose of this rule is not money but to maintain the club Trophy objective.  Questionable deer status will be ruled on by our Deer Standards Committee. Consideration  should be given  to donating the carcass to the club or to a charity i.e. Buckmaster’s Project Venison

 Work Days -  Members showing up for the two club mandated work days prior to to inception of the deer season will be rebated $100 per work day.  Members missing these work days will be assessed $100 per day.  This is fair to the members who work their days.

 Food & Drink - All food and drink placed in the refrigerator and cupboard are available to all.  Foods and drink maintained in coolers etc. are considered personal property.

 Smoking / Alcoholic Beverages - The lodge is a smoke free facility. Alcohol is not to be consumed when involved in the following activities:   A- During the daytime when hunting during the same day.  The  preferred time is after all hunting activities has been completed for the day and not after serious hunters have turned in for the night ( between 6 and 10 PM ).   B - Operating a Motor vehicle (ATV included)  or equipment on premises or for club purposes.   Members are encouraged to use the designated driver principal when going to dinner etc.

 Dues - Dues are $1200 payable in full before June 1, 2001. The club mandates members to wok at least 2 regularly scheduled work days.  Members fulfilling this obligation will be refunded $100 each day. Therefore those members who work the 2 days will pay $1000 dues. Member not paid as of June 1 will be assessed a $200 late fee.  Dues checks are to be made payable to The Hunting Place and sent to Bob Lee, PO Box 11365, Montgomery, AL 36111-0365.

 Loss of Club Membership - Members found breaking game laws, engaging in unsafe hunting practices or jeopardizing the safety or well being of any member, or the club, in general will be subject to immediate loss of membership upon a majority vote of  the board of directors.

 Focus - The guiding principle  of this club continues to be safe, family oriented Trophy buck hunting for use by members during year round.

 Board Members:  Bob Lee,  Dick Keydozsius, & John Humbard

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