Harriette Bradrick

The human form is Harriette's favorite subject. She is an accomplished portrait painter and particularly enjoys catching the exuberance and enthusiasm of children.  She attributes her psychic energy to her deep love of youngsters.  Her deep love of young people and art took her in mid-life to Florida State University to earn both a Bachelor's and Master's Degree.  She teaches drawing to children and adults in the Armory Learning Arts Center in Montgomery after school, and has served as Artist-in-Residence at Madison Park Hope Center,  Dalraida Elementary School, and the MacMillan International Academy.  She, also, teaches art at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and at AUM's Youth College

The thrill and challenge of recreating a three-dimensional subject on a two-dimensional ground keeps her eager to begin her next work and often makes it hard to turn over the finished work to the client.  "I want to live with it a little longer once it's finished" she says.

She paints a wide range of subjects, including landscapes of her European travels and the Montgomery area, people from various ethnic groups, florals and still lifes.

ARTIST'S STATEMENT:  People are fascinating subjects to observe and to paint.  Much of what I do is portrait commission work.  I love catching the sparkle of young children and the budding beauty of the teenage years.  The older bent figures with their lined faces that invite deeper scrutiny are also favorite subjects of mine.

My husband and I are avid travelers---from native American reservations in the West to small villages and towns in Europe.  I especially enjoy depicting members of these differing cultures and painting them in their environments---the costumed families at Fort Toulouse reenactments, the African Children's Choir on tour, our area's bagpipers marching in the local Highland Games.

An equally important part of my life is teaching children about art.  I derive stimulation and inspiration from their infectious enthusiasm and the expressiveness of their creations.  Their wonder and excitement at seeing reproductions of the world's great art is most fulfilling.  I hope to pass on the torch of lifelong art appreciation.  My preparation for becoming an art instructor includes BS and MS degrees in art education plus several trips abroad for college credit.

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