W.S. Neal High School

Class of 1958
45th Class Reunion
(October 2003)

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* Photos of parade and after-game dinner *

It was raining so the umbrellas came out, but it was fun anyway.

And the Class of '58 rolls on.....

Another view.

Seem people don't mind getting wet!

Gerald, Nell and Roselle


Marie, Howard, Edna, James, Jerry, Janice, Faye, Gerald and Elton

Dale, Tommy and James

Dean and Maury

Doris and Roselle

Jerry, Howard, Edna and Janice

James and his wife

Julius and his wife

Nell and James

Roger, Tommy and Buddy

Tommy and Mary Kate

Willis and Doris

Willis, Doris, Ray and Roselle

Willis, Fay and James


More group photos

Front Row (Seated):  Dale, Sue, James, Roselle, Brenda
Second Row:  Martha, Arlton, Dorothy, Dean, Agnes, Janice
Third Row:  Faye, Louise, Jean, Roger, Betty, Nell
Back Row:  Gerald, Elizabeth, Eugene, Cleve, Barney, James

Front Row (Seated):  Roselle, Brenda, Edna
Second Row:  Dorothy, Dean, Agnes, Janice, Fay, Doris, Buddy
Third Row:  Roger, Betty, Nell, Elton, Julius
Back Row:  Cleve, Barney, James, Roy

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